Spring equinox (India - Meerut)

Saturday 21 March 2009 by perbosc , Deepak

in India we organize the experiment on different place like as, Meerut(Jahidpur and Modipuram), Jantar Mantar(Delhi), Barc -Ahmad nagar ,Banglore.

20 march 09 SUN EARTH DAY in India

Come measure the circumference of the earth

Under the district science club, safalta inter college,modipuram has been completed this experiment on 20 march 09.

In this experiment there was six group ,three boys and three girls but accurate shedow was at 12.25 pm and group was Neha som, abhilasha chauhan,sweta goel,Asna and pooja sharma.

These were the student of class 9 and class 11. all experiment under the guidline Mr. Akash sharma and Rakesh kumar nandwani.

Modipuram (MEERUT)
- Lenght of device -70 cm.
- Lenght of shedow- 39.5 cm.
- Measured angle- 29.1 degree

Jahidpur (MEERUT)
- angle-28.4

Meerut India
inter college Modipuram
Longitude 77°42’ E
Latitude 29°00’ N
Angle + 29°06’ = +29,1°

Eratosthenes experiment in Allahabad (India) on New Delhi TV (june 2008)


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