Czech republic, P.Křižkovského what is your e-mail?

Monday 29 September 1980 by perbosc

Denisa, Lucka, Klára, Petr, Viola, I received your message but we don’t have your e-mail.

Let me introduce us a little bit. We are newcoming students from Czech republic, studying P.Křižkovského grammar school specialized on art. Our school is aiming on different artistic classes just like: 1) literary - dramaturgy 2) music 3) music - dramaturgy 4) fine art (creative painting) Our group is made up from five members. Three of them are attending literary - dramatic class including Denisa (me), Lucka and Klára. From musical - dramatic class there’s our friend Petr and the last but not the least Viola, who joined us from musical class. We’re looking forward to our cooperation, witch i hope will lead to the benefits for both groups.

Best regards

Denisa, Lucka, Klára, Petr, Viola

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